SSDReporter 1.5.6 固态硬盘健康状况检测工具

SSDReporter 1.5.6 固态硬盘健康状况检测工具



SSDReporter Mac版能检查你的内部固态硬盘的健康(“SSD”又名“闪存”)。由于固态硬盘有一个有限的生命的数量的确定的写操作要留意你的SSD地位重要。SSDReporter可以警告你通过电子邮件或屏幕上的每一次健康你的SSD的降低和/或当健康低于“警告”或“错误”的门槛。你的SSD的现状也总是很容易辨认,因为SSDReporter改变它的图标(或者在菜单栏中)从绿色到黄色(警告阈值)和最后红(误差阈值)为SSD健康下降。

SSDReporter is an application that checks the health of your internal Solid State Disks ("SSD" aka "Flash Storage"). Since SSDs have a limited life-time determined by the number of write operations it is important to keep an eye on your SSD status. SSDReporter can warn you by e-mail or on-screen each time the health of your SSD decreases and/or when the health falls below the 'warning' or 'error' thresholds. The current status of your SSDs is also always easily recognizable because SSDReporter changes its icon (optionally in the menubar) from green to yellow (warning threshold) and finally red (error threshold) as the SSD health decreases.

Only 'internal' SSDs are supported, disks connected via USB&FireWire do not work with SSDReporter.
eSATA & ThunderBolt connected SSDs may work if the enclosure is S.M.A.R.T.-compatible.
Some SSDs do not support S.M.A.R.T. at all or incompletely and therefore do not work with SSDReporter:

  • the SSDs built into the Early 2015 and Early 2016 MacBook 12" are incompatible
  • the SSDs built into the Late 2016 MacBook Pro (TouchBar) are incompatible
  • a few 2013 and 2014 MacBookAir models contain 'TOSHIBA' SSDs (APPLE SSD TS0128F/TS0256F) which are incompatible
  • the "SEAGATE 600 SSD Series" is incompatible
  • most 'Micron' and 'Crucial' SSDs are incompatible
  • some 'OCZ' SSDs including the ArC, ONYX, AGILITY4, VECTOR & VERTEX3/4/450/460 but excluding the TRION are incompatible
  • most 'OWC' SSDs including the MERCURY ELECTRA and the 'Aura SSD for Mac Pro' are incompatible


  • macOS 10.10 'Yosemite' or later
  • At least one compatible internal "Solid State Disk" (SSD) or "Flash Storage" disk (see above)

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